by JC Collins

The digital machine was not solid, but the gears which moved it were. It loomed over the landscape, casting its inevitability across an ever-shrinking world. In front of the machine stood the pillars of an old world, which were tilted, cracked, and covered with a century of dust. Each was just moments from being devoured by the mouth of the digital machine. Behind, it had paved the roads of the new world, built on the principles of progress.

The machine was absolute in its objective. Its mission, not to destroy but to rebuild the world.

The machine…

by QuadJacks

It’s fresh. It’s new. CasinoCoin has its first professional poker ambassador! Today we’re excited to introduce Evan ‘Gripsed’ Jarvis and explain how he will help promote CasinoCoin via his various social media and professional poker channels. We hope you’re ready for some fun and excitement!

Who is Evan Jarvis?

Evan is many things. A book could be written. In fact, he just finished writing one that will be available soon. But that’s not all. As a professional poker coach, player, commentator, and streamer all wrapped into one, it was inevitable that Evan would become a massive fan of…

by JC Collins

The good news just keeps coming.

CasinoCoin is now trading on GateHub. GateHub provides a digital wallet for the Internet of Value. We all know that the Internet of Value is the ultimate destination for the XRP Ledger use case. It is the future for the movement of value around the world. Bonds will even be issued on the XRPL soon, which will be a massive monetary contribution to the Internet of Value.

GateHub utilizes the XRP Ledger DEX for trading. Digital assets currently on GateHub include pairings of XRP, BTC, ETH, LTC, alongside USD, EUR, and…

by QuadJacks and JC Collins

The day we have all been waiting for has arrived.

No, it isn’t Daniel Keller and QuadJacks starring in their own Amazon Prime sitcom called Stakes Are High. But it’s something almost as good.

It’s time to reveal the CasinoCoin Lobby xApp, the flagship product of Eminence Ltd. The CasinoCoin Lobby is the launchpad application that allows players to access their favorite casinos for poker, slots, and sports betting. This edition of the CasinoCoin blog will walk-thru how the xApp works and explore its basic functionalities.

The CasinoCoin Lobby xApp is a significant milestone of…

by JC Collins

We talk a lot about the digital transformation of money. But what does that mean? The Bank for International Settlements stated that central banks should work with one another to achieve interoperability between each CBDC, or Central Bank Digital Currency. So if there is one word that captures what is meant by the digital transformation of money it would be interoperability.

This interoperability will be the most important aspect of any CBDC launch. Ripple has developed tools for central banks to mint, or launch, CBDCs right on the XRP Ledger. …

by QuadJacks

Covid19. Indeed, not a fun subject, but one that will reverberate through the atmosphere for years to come. We won’t touch on it too much, but most everyone has quickly realized that life is changing and must adapt or fail.

How does this apply to casino operators?
In 2020, the virus nearly shut down all world industries. We were not prepared, and casinos were one of the hardest hit. Why? Because casinos have vast amounts of traffic and transfer large amounts of money around the clock. Let’s step back for a moment and think about what that means. Cash…

by JC Collins

Digital asset communities matter.

In this edition of the CasinoCoin blog, we will pick up where we left on in the last one and explore further how the CasinoCoin community is an integral part of the project's growth.

You matter, and this blog is for you.

Social media and the growth of online communities supporting their favorite digital asset projects has reached new highs in 2021. CasinoCoin is no different. June alone, the increase across all social media platforms relating to mentions of #CasinoCoin, #CSC, #GetCasinoCoin, and other variations is in the double-digit territory. …

by JC Collins

You’ve all heard the rumors about multiple casino partnerships and top 15 exchanges. The excitement levels are palpable and not without justification. But before we get too far down the road towards where we are inevitably going, let’s take a moment to recap the vast amount of ground covered in just the last 30-days. We must ensure complete coverage of the fast-moving events with accurate information.

This edition of the CasinoCoin blog is essential for that reason. It’s a pulse check before launching further.

Don’t worry; there will be a hidden golden nugget or two buried in…

by JC Collins

Welcome back to this edition of the CasinoCoin blog. Today we’re going to talk about the milestone of having the digital asset CasinoCoin (CSC) added to the decentralized world of Flare Finance. That’s right, CSC is now a new addition to the Flare Finance suite of digital assets.

Breath. Exhale. Let’s continue and understand what this means.

The first time I walked into a Las Vegas casino, I was 26 years old. The MGM Grand was green, loud, bright, and damn if it wasn’t sexy as hell. Most looked their best. Some looked their worst. No one…

by QuadJacks

Welcome back to this edition of the CasinoCoin blog. Today we’re going to talk about regulations and how they relate to Eminence Ltd.

Eminence Limited, the parent company of CasinoCoin, is now registered by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) under the Designated Businesses (Registration and Oversight) Act 2015 (DBA). The FSA is one of the most highly regarded financial services regulators in the world. The advantages of being overseen by the Authority are well documented, and this will offer more options for all participants of the CasinoCoin ecosystem, leading to a safer standard and business ethos.

What is…

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