CasinoCoin: Exchange (A) Revealed

by QuadJacks

Welcome back to this edition of the CasinoCoin blog. Today we have some exchange news. We’re going to be on WhiteBIT!

New Exchange
CasinoCoin has partnered with WhiteBIT, an old friend of CasinoCoin. If you didn’t know, WhiteBIT is a European centralized exchange. The listing has been fast tracked so we can begin trading CSC on June 10, 2021. Being listed on WhiteBIT comes with many benefits such as increased volume, more exposure, and partner liquidity.

CasinoCoin will have a USDT pair on WhiteBIT. More pairs will be available when volume increases.

WhiteBIT Features
- 0.1% trading fee
- Meets KYC and AML requirements
- European Exchange and Custody licenses
- 300,000+ users
- 150+ trading pairs
- Fast Public and Private API
- Available in 190 Countries
- Fiat Gateway
- Fast Deposits/Withdrawals
- p2p transfers

This is a springboard to our goal of getting CSC listed on as many exchanges as possible to assure that anyone who wants to purchase it can do so easily, while also adding arbitrage opportunities. WhiteBIT will be one of the first of many planned exchanges and we appreciate that they have given us the chance to partner with them and increase the depth of the CasinoCoin ecosystem.

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- Android

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