CasinoCoin: State of the Token

by QuadJacks

Welcome back to this edition of the CasinoCoin blog. This will be our biggest blog to date and will contain new information for everyone.


Swap dates

Note: If you swapped early in the process your account might have ‘Rippling’ enabled. This MUST be disabled as soon as possible. Please follow the link or scan the QR code on the infographic below from within your XUMM application to check and/or fix the flag.

If you have completed the swap with our tutorial and haven’t received your CSC(XRPL) within 48 hours, be sure to contact support ( Please note: 90% of all support requests are users that did not tap ‘Continue’ on step 19 of the swap tutorial. Please scan the QR code below to verify that you have done this before contacting support.

If you have not swapped yet, please withdraw your old CSC from exchanges and follow our tutorial.


Allow us to take a moment to show our appreciation for some of the partners who supported us during the swap and will continue to do so in the future.

XUMM (Wallet/Swap Support)

Explorer (

LiveCoinWatch (DEX API)



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Future Content

CasinoCoin Lobby

The latest XUMM Wallet version includes a new functionality called xApps. An xApp is a web application embedded in the XUMM Wallet that fulfills a specific function or addition to the existing wallet. In the case of CasinoCoin, we have created a new application called the CasinoCoin Lobby. This new application will be made available in the XUMM Wallet once it is released.

The main function of the CasinoCoin Lobby is the ability to sign up, deposit and withdraw to and from casinos via your wallet. As the XUMM Wallet already has KYC verification built in, you will be asked to allow the CasinoCoin Lobby to access that information on start up. This will facilitate the registration with potential casinos as they can authorize users coming from the CasinoCoin Lobby.

Deposit and withdrawals will be as quick, easy and very cheap — as fast as 5 seconds with a cost as little as $0.00001 USD (based on current XRP prices). Other functionalities that will be included in the Lobby xApp are setting Gaming Limits, Self Exclusion and more.


Our staking program will be available soon and allow us to offer great rewards for simply holding your CSC and keeping them safe. Staking will initially take place on 3rd party services, and we are looking into creating a specific solution that is on chain. Initially up to 10 billion CSC can be locked.



Bitrue (CSCXRPL)
STEX (pending relist)

Listing (A)
ETA: June 10
CasinoCoin has signed an agreement with a Tier 2 exchange. We have a great relationship with them and the listing will be fast tracked so we can start trading sooner rather than later. This is a springboard to our goal of being listed on as many exchanges as possible. We want to be sure that anyone who wants to purchase CSC can do so easily.

Listing (Ω)
ETA: Soon
We are in the process of entering an agreement with a top 15 exchange but we cannot disclose this yet. More to be revealed as soon as the deal is inked.


The result of our work is just around the corner. The first phase of the CasinoCoin agenda begins now. Phase one of our plan is to partner with Tier 2 casinos focused on provably fair games and regulated by Curaçao. With the xApp near completion and tests in progress, our two current partner casinos have begun integrating CSC natively on their platforms. Expect to be playing at your favorite casinos with near instant deposits and withdrawals soon!


As we move towards the second half of the year, CasinoCoin will advance our agenda on all projects and become the leading gambling cryptocurrency token. Our goals are clear: finish the swap, increase our reach and engagement, introduce staking, and continue to add more exchanges and casinos to our list of partners.

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